iLaunch Sdn. Bhd.

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You are here Company Why Us?

Why chose iLaunch?

We have been successful in the computer industry  for almost  11 years. With proven track records and  accumulated experience in handling projects, we believe that  we  are   able  to  meet customer's  requirements   and objectives.  We believe that with our solutions, the project  shall  be successful in its computerization project  because:

  • Each of iLaunch management team has over 10 years of experiences in the ICT industry.
    Our personnels have a combined experience totaling 43 years in Information Technology industry as well as related projects and have extensive experience in managing large scale projects and IT implementation.

  • iLaunch has established long term affiliation with world leading ICT principles.
    Our Technology Partners are committed and have the necessary infrastructure and support to help us in ICT project implementation.  Our company and our partners have proven ourselves in many projects and have the necessary solutions to tackle any ICT project.

  • iLaunch has in house certified expertise hence enable us to provide quality services to our customers.
    We  have  been  handling  big  projects and our personnel have been involved extensively in many ICT projects namely JUPEM, MOHR, Putrajaya Holdings and other related projects, to name a few.
  • Complete Project Management Solutions.
    We will provide complete project management solution by employing the well tested and proven project management methodology that we have devised in managing projects. We will also provide testing plan, risk management, quality management and last but not least, change management to assist our customer in incorporating the new computerized system into its daily operation.
  • Technology Transfer and Training.
    We will provide a technology transfer to the customer's personnel.  By including customer's core team personnel in every facet of the project implementation, we can disseminate knowledge to form part of technology transfer. By doing this, we can achieve the optimal win-win situations to all alliance entity in terms of returns on financial investment and transfer of technology.

Contact Us

iLaunch Sdn. Bhd.
No. 2-1B, Jalan Bowling Padang E 13/E,
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel.: +603 5510 2533

Fax : +603 5510 3533


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You are here Company Why Us?